Joanna Brodnicka


Joanna Brodnicka

Joanna Brodnicka


Specializes in family and guardianship law, law of succession, as well as in employment law.

Graduated from law at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań. In 2012 she completed legal advisor training at the Regional Chamber of Legal Advisors in Poznań. In 2013 she passed her professional exam and was granted the title of legal advisor.


Participated in pro-bono projects, among others in the Blue Umbrella special event organized by the Regional Chamber of Legal Advisors in Poznań.

In the course of her studies she was an active participant of ELSA (European Legal Student Association), participating in the organization of conferences of various legal disciplines.


Her passions revolve around dance, especially fitness and ballroom dance (1st and 2nd degree course in ballroom dance). She devotes her free time to fitness and sports, takes interest also in medicine, natural methods of treatment in particular.

In her free time she eagerly reads legal publications in the fields of her specializations, improving her skills and broadening her knowledge.

Experience: selected projects

She started gaining her professional experience already during her 3rd year of university studies, while working in the law firms of Poznań.

in the course of her professional practice she dealt with, among others, debt collection process and she handled judicial disputes for the Polish brewing group based in Poznań,

Specializes in divorce cases, including at-fault divorces. Has experience in cases demanding the preparation of parental pedagogical plan in order to enhance the court proceedings and avoid examinations in Family Diagnostic and Consultation Centers exceptionally difficult for children.

Successfully handles cases in employment law, representing both employers and employees.