Mateusz Brodnicki


Mateusz Brodnicki

Mateusz Brodnicki


Specializes in commercial company law, contract law and trade law, including tax planning solutions.

In his professional practice he deals with legal assistance for economic entities and corporate service of incorporated commercial law companies, including public companies. Has multiannual experience in mergers and acquisitions of incorporated commercial law companies, their transformations, and investment processes carried out by economic entities  - representing both sellers and acquirers of assets, including real estate. Managed projects connected with organizational changes of holding companies and tax planning in these groups, including foreign entities and structures based on closedended investment funds.

Has experience also in the law of new technologies and counselling for ventures concerning e-commerce market.

Ran training courses in the fields of disclosure obligations of public companies' management boards, contract law, including its connection with activity conducted on the Internet and bill of exchange law.

Was a mentor at numerous events organized by venture capital investment funds and business incubators for start-ups, where he helped young entrepreneurs in finding the right regulatory framework for their planned ventures.

Graduate of law at the Faculty of Law and Administration, Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań. Is a legal advisor at the Regional Chamber of Legal Advisors in Poznań.


  • multiannual experience in conducting M&A transactions and legal audits

  • managerial skills, coordination of complicated projects

  • understanding of both legal processes  managing the Internet sector and technical aspects of this activity, which translates into better understanding of the Client's needs

  • dedicated to projects conducted


Passionate about new technologies, gadgets and development of Internet technology. Before embarking upon career in law, he was a co-author of a popular Internet portal for web page creators. Keen skier. In his free time reads and plays computer games (mainly strategic games).

Experience: selected projects

  • participation in formation and dissolution of equity structures based on national and foreign entities and closedended investment funds

  • sale and acquisition of capital companies, including companies in the IT sector

  • managing projects that adapt their holding companies structures to the changing provisions

  • consulting on corporate bond issuances and capital transformations

  • participation in sale and acquisition of assets of substantial value

  • conducting negotiations in reference to execution of commercial contracts, including ones involving construction of specialised automatic installations high-bay warehouses (i.a. for hub purposes for one of largest Polish distributors of IT equipment, RTV/household appliances and consumer electronics)