AML Package, MiCA and other EU projects

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Recently, we can note European Union’s increased activity in the legislative field. Part of planning changes will affect many businesses. AML Package and MiCa will particularly affect the financial sector, the crypto-assets sector, and other obliged entities (to apply anti-money laundering duties).

In response to numerous voices related to the difficulties in applying anti-money laundering regulations, in 2021 the European Commission presented a legislative package, the so-called AML Package (Anti-Money Laundering Package). Primarily aim of this act is to facilitate the process of detecting suspicious transactions and to tighten up the AML system. Among other things, AML Package provides for the introduction of directly applicable EU rules and the creation of an EU body dedicated solely to AML.

Beyond AML changes, The European Parliament adopted new regulations providing a legal framework for crypto-assets sector. Its aim is to increase investor protection by i.a. authorisation requirement and the introduction of liability for some of the damages suffered by investors.

In addition, work is underway on the regulation of instant payments. According to an announcement available on the EU website, the availability of instant payments in euro is to be improved for anyone with a bank account in one of the EU or EEA countries.

For more details on the effects and consequences of the regulations presented, see the full article.

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plpolski (Polish)

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