Before arrest

Contrary to appearances, the arrest and further pre-trial detention is not the first actions of the authorities in a given case. Most often, they are preceded by many weeks of operational activities, or even a preparatory proceeding in the case. Due to the nature of these activities, they are classified or very difficult to find out. However, if you find out that there is an ongoing investigation in a case in which you can potentially act as a suspect, it is worth taking certain steps.

First of all, it is worth contacting an attorney or legal advisor who will assess the seriousness of the situation and advise whether it is worth making any pre-emptive moves. It is very important that your loved ones have contact details for the lawyer of your choice. This significantly speeds up the action when it comes to a halt. Then you no longer have to make nervous movements and rely on an unknown person.

It will also be a good move to secure a certain amount of money that you entrust to a trusted person. This amount will be useful to cover the current expenses of your loved ones while in custody. This amount may also be useful for paying for legal services or for possible bail.

It is also worth gathering all the documentation that may be helpful for you, ie will prove your good intentions, due diligence, etc. Remember, however, to agree on their disclosure with your lawyer!

We have provided only very general information above. More details can be found below in the texts of our specialists.

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