Detention, i.e. the moment when the officers of the Police or other authorized bodies deprive you of your liberty. There is no single rule as to the method of detention, it is decided by the group commander taking into account many factors, including instructions from his superiors. Most often, however, the arrests are held at 6 a.m. at the place of residence, when there is the best chance of finding the person at home. You can also come across detentions at the workplace, which unfortunately is most often aimed at creating an additional detention effect. This is often done in the presence of media representatives.

This is where the fight for your freedom begins, so the sooner you contact your lawyer, the better. Perhaps he or she will still reach the place of detention if, for example, an interrogation is carried out at the same time. Remember that silence is the best solution. Although Police officers may exert pressure or, under the guise of alleged benefits, persuade people to give explanations, do not under any circumstances give in to such pressure. Once submitted, explanations remain forever in the evidence.

Then you will be taken either directly to the appropriate prosecutor’s office or to the Detention Center, where you will await questioning by the prosecutor. Most often, the interrogation will take place after about 24 hours, which is intended to allow the authorities to collect the evidence necessary to apply for provisional arrest. During the interview, you will be informed about the content of the charges against you. If you already have a lawyer, he or she may attend this hearing with you. After the charges are brought, the prosecutor will officially want to hear your explanations for the first time. Prior contact with a defense lawyer will help you establish a common strategy for further action in the case.

We have provided only very general information above. More details can be found below in the texts of our specialists.

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