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first of all, I am very pleased that you came here. Maybe by accident, maybe on purpose, but we hope that the content on this page will interest you enough that you will stay with us for longer. Below you will find answers to the basic questions that were our starting point when setting up this portal and information useful for navigating through it. However, if it happens that you have not found the answers to your questions, we encourage you to contact our team members personally. We are aware that we are not able to describe all potential problems, but we are certainly able to help you solve them.


/-/ Michał Babicz

Adv. Michał Babicz – Senior Partner,

co-founder of the law firm FILIPIAK BABICZ LEGAL sp.k.


The portal you have found is entirely devoted to the subject of pre-trial detention. It is the only isolation measure provided for in Polish law that may be applied at the stage of pre-trial and court proceedings. It involves placing the person concerned in a pre-trial detention center in order to isolate them from the current environment, which is intended to help in the efficient conduct of criminal proceedings.


Pre-trial detention is a serious ailment not only in the life of the arrested person but also his relatives or colleagues. It is certainly a difficult experience, but one can prepare well to mitigate its consequences.



We believe that this topic is so important that it is definitely worth devoting more space to it. At present, there is a worrying trend towards an increase in the number of pre-trial detentions used. If we additionally take into account that nearly 98% of the prosecutor’s requests are accepted by the courts, a gloomy picture of the whole emerges. However, we believe that the professional help of a defense lawyer is able to prevent temporary arrest or minimize its negative aspects.



The strength of our team is the people who create it. We are convinced that the combination of experience with youthful passion and theory with practice allows us to achieve unprecedented results. That is why our team consists of experienced lawyers who have represented the interests of our clients for over a decade, but also young lawyers, trainee lawyers, and assistants who defend those who trust us with full dedication. Our team also includes professors and doctors of the law, which allows us to deal with arguments at every level of the procedure. At the same time, we do not want to practice law for the sake of art, but we want to share our knowledge with others.



Temporary was created primarily for our clients and their relatives so that they could find out in an accessible way what a temporary arrest is, what awaits them and what they have to face. We know from experience that in this difficult time, people are looking for answers to many bothering questions, and often there is nobody to ask. The problems and issues we describe are the results of countless conversations with clients and their families.


At the same time, the information contained here may be a source of valuable knowledge for other attorneys, legal advisers, and trainees for these professions. We are happy to share our experience, believing that it is for the benefit of the judiciary.


How to navigate the portal and what content is there?

The issues discussed by us have been divided into several parts, which in principle correspond to the subsequent stages of applying pre-trial detention. In our opinion, the dynamic approach to this issue is the best way to find out what specific problems may arise at a given moment of the proceedings.


In view of the above, we have decided to distinguish the following stages:

  • before being detained;
  • detention;
  • court hearing;
  • a complaint against pre-trial detention;
  • extension of pre-trial detention;
  • Just click on what interests you!


plpolski (Polish)

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