Insolvency during the coronavirus pandemic

Insolvency during the coronavirus pandemic


How can we help?

We will do everything we can to protect the value of your business in times of market instability.

Together with your company, we will prepare a petition to initiate court restructuring which will provide protection against debt collection (including court enforcement) and against the termination of key business contracts and agreements.

We will appoint one of the largest and most reputable companies in Poland to act as an arrangement supervisor or court administrator - ZIMMERMAN FILIPIAK RESTRUKTURYZACJA S.A. (projects including among others: RUCH, KOMPUTRONIK, PIOTR I PAWEŁ, MOSTOSTAL).

We will advise you on how to manage liquidity and protect yourself in these difficult times.

We will help to protect members of the management board and their private property from personal liability for company debts.


About us

We are one of the largest restructuring advisers in Poland. We are one of the few who hold the titles of the QUALIFIED RESTRUCTURING ADVISERS (dr. Patryk Filipiak, license number 624). We offer legal and business advisory services.

We offer comprehensive and professional restructuring advisory services for insolvent entrepreneurs and those threatened with insolvency, as well as for board members and creditors affected by liquidity problems of their contractors. 

Our restructuring advisers have many years of experience in conducting complex bankruptcy and restructuring proceedings, including groups of companies with debts reaching several hundred million PLN. 

We have the human resources at our disposal to handle restructuring and insolvency proceedings involving several thousand creditors. We have the know-how regarding management of communication channels with creditors, organization, course of and participation in the meetings of the creditors' committee as well as the creditors' meetings, and also the PR support for the debtor.

We prepare restructuring petitions, restructuring plans, inventory of claims and arrangement proposals.

We provide comprehensive legal, financial and tax services

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