Janusz Kurowski

Public-Private Partnership | Implementation Project Manager.

Janusz Kurowski

Janusz Kurowski

Public-Private Partnership | Implementation Project Manager.

Specializes in implementation of budget projects based on modern forms of financing, public-private partnership, and hybrid projects.

Combines local government knowledge and experience drawn from the period of managing JST as a Mayor of City and Municipality, and business experience drawn from working at managerial posts in Polish and foreign enterprises.

Speaks Spanish and English.


Experienced counsellor in the field of developing regional local governments. 
Combines rich local governmental and managerial experience in local and international aspects.


Mediterranean literature, cuisine and culture; sports, active recreation.

Experience: selected projects

Has rich experience in carrying out investment projects executed within the framework of public sector center budgets and incorporated commercial law companies.

Awarded for outstanding economic and ecological achievements pursued in cooperation with Bank Ochrony Środowiska and the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management

Graduate of apprenticeship in the field of European integration concerning the operation of local governments in Brittany.

Assumed managerial positions in enterprises in Poland, Spain and Germany.